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Types of Massage Offered by Cozzia Massage Chair Brand

Massage chairs are mainly categorized according to their functionality – the type(s) of massage they are capable of providing.

Though some chairs offer all the types that will be discussed below, others may offer only two or three among these, so it is important to know what these types of massage are and how they differ from one Cozzia massage chair to another.

Shiatsu is among the best methods used by expert masseuse and therapists. It is a Japanese physical therapy strategy characterized by the application of little, mild pressure utilizing the thumb on your body, that’s why it has actually likewise become referred to as “hands-on therapy” or “finger pressure”.

The right quantity of pressure on particular points works to activate energy circulation within the nerves of your body.

The Swedish massage is another type defined by gently rubbing with direction following the circulation of blood travelling towards the heart. It works by relaxing muscles and promoting blood flow.

Unlike Shiatsu though, Swedish massage does not promote particular points. Massage chairs normally utilize four or five heads or nodes to duplicate this massage type.

Other types are more like massage strategies. Rolling for example is used on your spinal column. The thumb is carefully press-rolled over the discs in your back to alleviate pressure. This method is likewise applied to release tension in muscles, ligaments, tendons and joints.

There are five (5) types of massages most popularly used by massage chairs. They are the Shiatsu, Swedish Massage, kneading, rolling, and tapping.


Kneading on the other hand is used on your back to promote blood flow. Like kneading a dough, heavy palm pressure or little punches are delivered on your back. A specific quantity of pressure is strictly used.

Tapping are quick motions from Cozzia chairs delivered on the back to eliminate tension. Therapists typically utilize the side of their hands applied in succession on the back. Some use their closed fists.


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