Green Festival

Why a Green Festival?
The objectives of the Ambient Green Picnic are many, but fall into two main categories – entertainment and awareness, in an easily accessible and fun format.
The event aims are to protect and sustain the living World and to increase awareness of and caring for human beings and all other species through inspiring and empowering people to act locally, nationally, globally and spiritually.
The event also aims to provide a focus for;
i) Green, community and charitable organisations and give them an opportunity to network and communicate their message. These groups provide stalls, displays and demonstrations through which we hope you can gain information and awareness of a wide variety of issues and campaigns.
ii) Promoting new Green business initiatives. An opportunity for ethical traders (including vegetarian/vegan caterers) to participate and prosper.
iii) Local media – to enable greater coverage of environmental related issues.
In addition, there is a diverse selection of entertainment over a number of stages and several field areas, featuring local acts and those from farther afield. As well as music, there are a number of different performers plus many discussions and workshops – in which your participation is encouraged.

The Ambient Green Picnic 2001 is political. It offers opportunity and an audience to those who have a voice and those who wish to. To those who may otherwise not know it, it gives responsibility, authority and achievement. It opens our eyes to others and shows us different ways of being and acting.
It’s up to all of us to take action to resist injustice, repression and the destruction of our planet for profit. We need to build a future where people and the environment come first.

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